Umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach in front of Mykonos Blanc Hotel.

Website Development for hotels

Crystal clear pool and tall palm trees at the garden of Mykonos Blanc Hotel.

Website Development for hotels

Pool and sunbeds in the private veranda of a luxury room in Mykonos Blanc Hotel

Website Development for hotels

Website Development

We build websites specialised for hoteliers.

Groundbreaking technology

Since 2004, the x2interactive Hotel Web Agency development team has been developing and trying fresh things. We have successfully launched over 150 websites.

Front End Development. 100% responsiveness

Setting up a website is no simple feat. It requires an excellent knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3 technologies in combination with a good understanding of JavaScript. During the Front End Development phase, we transform our designs into working Hypertext Markup language, a. k. a. Web Pages. Our Front End Developers have one goal. To make the HTML files look & feel exactly like the approved design mockups. All our websites are multi-platform, multi-device compatible, they are 100% responsive and will work anywhere.

Back End Development

Everything involving database connectivity, programming and CMS integrations and customisations takes place behind the scenes. We consider everything done under the hood back-end development. Our team of developers specialise in the latest technologies, providing our clients with complete, professional solutions that do not “break”.

Wordpress development for Hotels

The OpenSource CMS “Wordpress” is a versatile CMS (Content Management System), that can power nearly any website and can offer high-quality solutions. At the time of this writing, it powers 32% of the websites on the internet. Being an OpenSource platform, recent developments and upgrades get adopted directly from the Wordpress Community. Here at x2interactive Hotel Web Agency, we highly recommend using WP for building high-quality Responsive Web experiences. The platform is expandable and upgradable. 100% of our clients use Wordpress.

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