Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for hotels

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for hotels

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for hotels

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

x2interactive is a leader in the Hotel & Tourism SEO

We provide complete SEO Services for hotels

Our company focuses and specialises on Search Engine Optimisation for hotels, keeping up with all the latest developments.

Search Engine Optimisation is short for SEO. It is a sequence of procedures that aims to help a website achieve a better ranking position in the Search Engines Results Pages (SEPRS). SEO is an ongoing service that starts from the design stage of a website and never ends. Here at x2interactive Hotel Web Agency, we strive to offer the highest quality SEO services, to always be on the “good side” of the search engines. Google isn’t the only search engine. Thousands of us use countless other engines daily. We always aim to provide the best overall SEO performance to achieve the best possible overall visibility.

Our team led by SEO expert Spyros Papaspyropoulos has developed white hat methods. We always follow them by completing specific steps during the SEO process. Especially in the Hotel & Tourism web industry, which is a highly competitive market, SEO needs constant reviewing and adjustments. For a Hotel to have good Search Engine Results, it has to follow the “rules” set by Google and the other Search Engine Giants, otherwise, it will find itself penalised and dropping in the rankings. Some search engines might even expunge them from the indexes. Focusing on Local Search and Long-Tail Search, we aim to help Hotels achieve the best results in their local markets.

SEO Auditing

To determine existing issues with your website Search Engine Optimisation, the x2interactive Hotel Web Agency team offers the service of onetime SEO Auditing. We examine your current SEO status and we present you with a report that can help you make the difference you need to increase your rankings and the possibilities of getting new clients from the SERPS.

SEO Plans

We offer various SEO plans, depending on your needs. All our plans are custom made, especially for each client. We recommend including On-Site and Off-Site SEO tactics in combination with Social Media for best results.

SEO Refresh and Consulting

Even after we have implemented a successful SEO plan, the need for constant monitoring and changes never fades away. Google and the major search engines are always changing their Ranking Algorithms, constantly leading SEO Agencies and their clients into new directions. Our team members are there to consult & support you.

If you are a Hotel or a Business Owner or Manager and would like a quote for an SEO Audit or SEO Plan, please REQUEST A QUOTE now by contacting us.

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