Online Marketing for hotels

Online Marketing for hotels

Online Marketing for hotels

Online Marketing

Building a powerful hotel brand is the key to success

Enhance your hotel brand online

During the past years, Online Marketing has been growing so that a whole new industry has developed around it. There are many ways in which an Online Marketer can create brand awareness, ranging from old-fashioned banner campaigns to Social Media advertising tactics.

An Online Marketing Strategy is something that comes into the picture when you the customer need to market your product, or your service online. You could say it is advertising meets the Internet, but the philosophy is different. Here at x2interactive, we can promote anything online using a balanced and planned campaign strategy.

To reach our goals, we believe in 3 important things:

Identify your target market

This ensures that you, the client, get known in your industry. This way we help you stay focused on your industry and don’t waste time and energy on non-credible targets.

Think of a powerful message that sells and stick to it

We believe that focusing on one sound message helps your target market identify you through that message. Stick to it, make it yours, own it and soon you will feel your brand awareness grow.

Stay connected, always follow up

Getting involved, via Social Media, reminds your clients of your presence. Involvement grows brand, product and service awareness. Besides Social Media, we discuss options of using banners and direct email newsletters that have the sole goal of informing the client.

Blogging and Content Marketing

Part of our Content Management services focuses on the organisation of new content. What better new content for your website than prime quality, high-value blog posts that are useful and informative. Our company creates blog posts writing content to support your SEO and Online Marketing strategy. We specialise our copywriters in the Hospitality and Tourism industry and SEO tactics, ensuring that your website is getting more and more top quality content.

Email Marketing

The best way to get the attention of a client/user is to address him/her. At x2interactive Hotel Web Agency we can create a direct path from you to your clients, using industry-standard newsletter technology.

Newsletters are emails that can be promotional, or informational, or entertaining. Many people interested in various topics subscribe to newsletters from all over the e-world. Then they receive emails that based on the brand of the company that sends it. Client/Users then get a personalised targeted message that invites them to visit a certain web space that holds more information, or sells a service or a product. We call those pages Landing Pages and they host the promoters Calls To Action. Newsletters work similarly to old-fashioned direct mail advertising with the difference that the medium is now digital and online. Instead of using the post, we use the Internet to achieve awareness or promote goods and services.

Newsletter design

We do not base the success of a newsletter on the information it conveys solemnly, but also on its design. Creating, an attractive Newsletter to send to the targeted audience, has a better impact than a simple text-based solution or a poorly based design. People prefer receiving and reading nicely designed newsletters, presenting the information in a crystal clear manner. It is important to design them in such a way that it will make it easier for the users to read. Newsletters can promote Messages Services, Products and more. At x2interactive, we try to keep designs as focused as possible to keep downloading speeds to a minimum.

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