Overhead view of a lady swimming in the crystal clear pool in Harmony Hotel.

Content Management for hotels

Crystal clear pool overlooking the sea at Harmony Boutique Hotel Mykonos.

Content Management for hotels

Lady holding a glass of cocktail by the edge of the pool at Harmony Boutique Hotel Mykonos.

Content Management for hotels

Content Management

Content is king! Quoted by Microsoft founder Bill Gates

Quality content is hard to find

One for the most important elements of any website is its content. Good quality content is hard to find. It helps users learn fresh things of value and is also the purest and most powerful weapon in the SEO arsenal.

Here at x2interactive Hotel Web Agency, we invest heavily in all areas of Content Management. Everything is important, from the examination and organisation of existing content to the creation of new content, plus making that content go viral. We leave nothing to chance, especially not in the competitive world of today. Good, high-quality content in combination with a beautiful, functional design and an easy-to-use interface are the elements that make a website look and feel professional. Things like this make the difference between you and your competitors.

Examination of existing Content

During the development phase of the projects we build, our Content Managers examine any existing content and determine its value from an SEO perspective and a Quality of Content point of view. If we consider the content worthy, we save it and freshen it up, before we hand it over to the Data Entry team to add it to the new website. This same content is later on skimmed through by the SEO experts. Some changes might occur to achieve the best SEO results.

Creation of new Content

If we consider content unsuitable for use, or there isn’t any content available, then our Content Managers in collaboration with our copywriters take measures to create fresh content that will help improve the quality of the website.

Organisation of Content

To speed up the process and to help the Data Entry team do their work easily and without mistakes, it is important to organise the existing and new content to streamline the process.

Making Content go viral

Once the website is up and running and we have examined, refreshed, and submitted the content to the pages, it is time to proceed with Search Engine Optimisation. To help achieve the best results, we use various Social Media channels to promote the new content. As mentioned before, we leave nothing to chance.

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