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x2interactive new website

Since 2004, our web agency has had one website design for 4 years, one under construction page for 2 years and one single page that was never updated for another 2 years. Because we have been very busy all these years with new business, we could never find the time to make something new. Fortunately the time for something new has finaly arrived thanks to Christmas breaks, Easter breaks, weekends and summer breaks. Slowly slowly, bit by bit, we managed to settle on a design, after going through 1 million different versions of what we would like our website to look like and decided on how to market our selves. Then we got our HTML / CSS ninjas to transform our designs into working HTML prototypes and handed everything to our brainiac, maniac, genius coders to make the whole thing work!
But that wasn’t all. Because we are around since 2004, it is only natural that we have many, many projects to share with you. All, those projects needed explaining. We are talking content. Huge amounts of content, images, text etc, that all had to be written and prepared for the new website. Due to the nature of the site and the importance we give to content (we believe that Content is KING!), this content creation had to be done nice and easy, carefully and precisely.
Oh and not to mention the photo shoot we had done by Maria Maraki in the Athens offices and George Gavalas in the offices in Crete! But that was extra fun.
Anyway, take a look around and let us know what you think. You can navigate to the About Us section or the Team section to learn more about the x2interactive story and the people that make it tick, or you can visit our Services section and check out what we do. We offer Web Design services, Web Development, SEO and more. Or if you prefer you can hop over to the Clients section and check out some of our case studies. Not all clients have a detailed description. We tried to write as many as we could.  We would love to hear your suggestions and if they are cool, we will implement them.

Kind Regards
Spyros Papaspyropoulos

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