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Using hand crafted, custom code solutions that are tailor made to fit each client’s needs, or Open Source CMS platforms such as Wordpress, the x2interactive Development Team offers high quality, bug free front and back end development services for both the Desktop and mobile & tablet devices. Go to page content
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Web Development

Since 2004, the x2interactive development team has been developing and upgrading the x2iManager CMS. It currently successfully powers over 150 websites and is focused on usability, speed and Search Engine Optimisation. All websites based on the x2iManager CMS are hand crafted and tailor made unique creations.

Besides the x2iManager CMS, here at x2interactive we have been researching into other technologies as well, such as Wordpress. In general we consider that Web Site Development should offer many options and not have any restrictive boundaries.

Front End Development

Setting up a Web Site is no simple feat. It requires an excellent knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3 technologies in combination with a good understanding of JavaScript. The Front End Development phase is the phase in which the Photoshop or Fireworks designs are turned into working Hypertext Markup language, a.k.a. Web Pages. Our Front End Developers have one goal. To make the HTML files look & feel exactly as the Design Mockups that have been approved by the clients.

Back End Development

Everything involving data base connectivity, php programming and CMS customisations. In General everything that is done, under the hood, in the background. The machine that powers the look & feel and the creative concepts of the designers.

Mobile Site Development

The importance of designing & developing for the mobile web, has been mentioned previously. Our Web Developers have adapted their skills in order to accommodate the new medium via which Web Sites are now being viewed and experienced. Users expect all websites to work on any platform and we here at x2interactive make sure that your projects is 100% compatible with the current global market needs.


As mentioned above, x2iManager is our custom designed and developed Content Management System (CMS). Since the 1st version in 2004, x2iManager has undergone major changes to the UI and to the way it works and handles content. Focused on, stability, security, “ease of use” and SEO, it has proved to be the ideal tool for Business owners and Business Managers, especially in the Hotel & Tourism industry, that need a way to manage their sites fast and easy. X2iManager handles Multi-language perfectly on a Content and an SEO level and at the same time permits the Web Site Design team to free their creative ideas, since there are no limitations to what it can do.

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The grandeur of the OpenSource CMS called Wordpress is well known to Web Professionals and most Business Owners and Business Managers worldwide. This versatile CMS, can power nearly any type of project and can offer high quality solutions. Because it is OpenSource the new developments and upgrades are done from the Wordpress Community and its founder and his team. Here at x2interactive we highly recommend using WP for building high quality Web and Mobile experiences, fast and trouble free. The platform is expandable and upgradable. Being OpenSource though does not make it the ideal tool for a completely custom solution, such as a Start Up or a Large Scale Project that needs to handle information in a particular way. Also, even though WP does handle Multi-Language quite well on a Content Level, on an SEO Level there are still issues that must be addressed.

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