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Tech4U case study


Tech4U is a fast growing technology company, that deals in High Quality Mobile Accessories, such as Nokia and iTech Dynamic and products of other Tech Giants, such as Huawei, Gigaset and more. The Tech4U website, is based on our best selling x2iManager CMS for Business v1.5 and has the x2 SEO Module installed which makes it even better from an SEO perspective. The Tech4U website has been updated and Progressively Enhanced through the years. On its 1st official launch day it looked slightly different and did not work on Tablets, especially iPads. Since then it has be adapted accordingly in order to work like a charm on Tablets as well as Desktops.


Desktop Computer (PC, Mac, Linux)

We approached the website using the colours of the Tech4U brand, which are strong and powerful. Red, Black and white are the colours of success and we took advantage of that as much as possible. We needed to make a heavy impact on the viewers of the website. For this reason we decided that an “in your face” approach would work the best. This is the reason why we chose to portrait the Tech4U products as very big objects on the home page in contrast to the website canvas size. Also by using, shadows and other cool design elements, we managed to achieve a feeling of high quality and professionalism for our client’s brand. The new website had to convey messages such as high quality, durability, trust and more brand assurance feelings. In addition to the design requests and features, a strong SERP was needed. Before our collaboration with Tech4U, their brand was practically invisible on line. This is no longer the fact. Companies from all over the world are logging in to the website on a daily basis to learn information about each product.

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