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Sycada case study


With over two decades of experience in mobile data solutions and everything associated with them, Sycada offers their clients a wide range of products and services including GPS tracking & tracing, remote machine monitoring, field- and sales force solutions. All solutions are quick to implement, tailored to any requested needs, and offer excellent value for money. Sycada is the only company that offers an integral view of all remote assets, vehicles and people, using one system. The Sycada experience at the time of its creation was ahead of its time. With a fresh design and a crisp and clean look & feel, the Sycada website has managed to stay modern even now after 4 years. The Sycada.com website is viewable on Desktop computers and iPads and is compatible with most mobile phones. It loads fast and is easy to navigate.


Desktop Computer (PC, Mac, Linux)

Multicultural, professional and with great experience in mobile data solution services, Sycada inspired us to think out of the box and approach the project at hand with a more “European” feeling. Keeping in mind that the site will be viewed and examined by many people from all around the word, we thought that a User Friendly approach was vital. X2interactive has played an important role in the Online presence of Sycada. The concept behind the site is the same one as the concept behind all the applications x2interactive has designed for Sycada in the past. “Usability” combined with minimal design elements help users by guiding them to the desired content.

Sycada’s previous online presence which was designed by us in 2006, was refreshing and informative, giving users a general idea of what Sycada does. Designing though for smaller screen real estate back then, we couldn't achieve what we have now. We have stylized and modernized the look & feel, placing key content in the right places. We have added JavaScript navigation, giving it more flexibility, speed and ease of use. Through a good UID, Sycada now has the power to “drive” users to the points of focus in the site.


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