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Senses Luxury Villas & Suites case study


A brand new addition to Mykonos’ luxury accommodation offerings, Senses Luxury Villas & Suites offers guests a unique high quality hospitality experience across two superb locations on the stunning island of Mykonos. The newest member of the Anatolia Hotels group, Senses consists of 10 luxury villas and suites located close to the beautiful and expansive Elia beach on Mykonos’ south coast, and an elegant 5 bedroom villa to the west in Ornos, with great views of the pretty town of Chora. The website we created for Senses Luxury Villas and Suites has been designed to fully showcase the beauty and style of these brand new purpose-built holiday accommodations through a minimal and clean design. This approach produces a website with zero clutter and great User Experience, and we have guaranteed this experience by building the site with full responsive design functionality so content across the whole site will scale and rearrange automatically on mobile devices. The backend content management system for this site is Wordpress, with with our own custom HotelBox theme package. The widespread usage of Wordpress and its open source nature make it a great content management platform for our clients because it receives constant updates and provides a very easy to use interface for adding and updating content on-site.


You can see from the website screens how we’ve applied the minimal design mantra comprehensively throughout all pages of the Senses Luxury Villas & Suites site. Beautiful and huge full-width photo slides dominate the top portion of each page, with the user then scrolling or swiping down the page to find the main text content of the site presented on a clean white background ensuring maximum legibility in a simple, minimal design package. Putting photos as the main focus of the design for a holiday suites accommodation was a conscious decision made by our designers because it brings huge benefits to the client. Firstly, a site packed with big, beautiful images provides a visual feast for potential Senses Luxury Villas & Suites customers, delivering a feature-rich and fantastic user experience. Secondly, placing an emphasis on images allows the images themselves to advertise the benefits of the luxury villas and suites in a way that text cannot. Images provide a fully immersive experience, allowing potential Senses customers to imagine themselves visiting Elia or Ornos themselves and experiencing a magical holiday there, further encouraging them to book a room, suite or villa right there and then directly through the prominent ‘Book Online’ button on the menu bar. This helps to streamline the conversion from browsing to booking in order to deliver a great Return on Investment (ROI).

The menu bar itself is ever-present on the main pages of the website, providing a one-stop shop for all the user’s browsing needs. The menu bar clings to the top of the browser window, and actually reacts to the content beneath it. At the top of the page the menu bar has a transparent frosted glass effect that allows the photo slide to show through from behind, but as the user moves down the page the menu bar changes, becoming white and opaque with a slight drop shadow in order to fit with the minimal white background of the main text content slides. At the very bottom of each page, the website footer offers additional functionality to complement the menu bar, showing the hotel logo, a live Mykonos weather widget, contact information, and a direct submission box to join the Senses emailing list. Below these are links to Senses online booking engine, Anatolia Hotels, and the Senses Facebook and TripAdvisor review pages.

Mobile Phones

The full responsive design coding on the Senses website means the website is programmed to automatically rearrange and scale content to perfectly fit the width of any browser window. The result is a beautiful looking and easy to use website on any mobile device, with unique features making the mobile device browsing experience an absolute joy. This great experience is delivered through one single site build, with a single website front end and content source delivering a high quality site across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, with no need for the additional cost and complexity of a separate ‘mobile specific’ or ‘mobile optimised’ website. When pages are automatically scaled to their smallest, the interface is also optimised for cellular bandwidth mobile phone browsing to ensure fast loading times and minimal use of data. 

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