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Petasos Hotels case study


The Petasos Hotels are located on the magical island of Mykonos, in the Aegean sea in Greece. Some consider the island as one of the hottest destinations in the world for a vacation. The Petasos Hotels is a Group of 3 hotels. The 5 Star Luxury Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, the 5 Star Petasos Beach Resort & Spa and the Petasos Town Hotel. Users can access the hotel websites either from each URL respectively, using their desktop computer, their iPad Tablet or their iPhone Mobile to enjoy a unique user eXperience or by visiting the main Petasos Hotels webpage. The Petasos Hotels main page is a one page only screen with links towards each of the group’s hotels. Having one of the strongest Social Media presences and a very powerful SEO, that has been setup and built through years of constant work and tweaking, the Petasos Hotels, especially Mykonos Grand and Petasos Beach, have managed to achieve one of the most complete on line hotel presences. All the Petasos hotels are based on our x2iManager CMS for Hotels v.2 and have the x2 SEO Module installed.


Desktop Computer (PC, Mac, Linux)

The strong need to give the look & feel of the Greek islands and especially the Cycladic minimalism, made our design team choose a combination of blue hues and white colour. The majestic photos and the minimalism of the design, manage to make the content float over the black and white backgrounds of each page. Users visiting the websites, are naturally attracted to all the above visual stimuli and get an immediate urge to live a Greek, Cycladic summer. The perfect balance of the page layouts and the content within, give birth to a calming, soothing user eXperience. The home pages, don’t have offers to show, they don’t have booking forms. They only have images that speak as much as a thousand words and hypnotise the users, making them want to need more.

Mobile Phones (iPhones, Android, Blackberry)

Travelers, especially people that enjoy technology and depend on it, are counting more and more on the power of the Mobile Web in order to find the information they need, when they need it. A special Mobile version has been designed for the Mykonos Grand Hotel and the Petasos Beach Hotel, providing users with all the necessary information. Location, Contact information, Accommodation details and other key points, can be accessed with the touch of the screen. Having special mobile versions, the hotel mobile sites are optimized for speed and compatibility with major mobile phone platforms. This way all information can be viewed from anywhere and anytime, either at the airport or the ship port, serving the mobile users with what they seek. For easier access, iOS and Android users can save the mobile site as a branded icon to their mobile phone’s home page.

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