New project: Oscar Suites & Village website

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New project: Oscar Suites & Village website

A few days ago, the Oscar Suites & Village in Chania in Crete, signed with our Web Agency. Our new client asked us to completely redesign and rethink the current existing website which can be seen at www.oscarvillage.com, due to the fact that it follows outdated design guidelines and doesn’t have clear website goals to help promote the hotel’s business objectives.

We will be following a full screen approach that will present the hotel to users in such a way that it will be inviting and trustworthy. A connection with the Web Hotlier booking system via a reservation form will help the website visitors to book a room. Even though we will be presenting the Oscar Suites & Village in a full screen environment, our goal is to keep the file sizes as low as possible (withouth sacrificing quality) in order to achieve optimum download speeds.
Besides being commissioned to create the main website, we have also be assigned the task of creating a mobile version of the website in order to better serve the hotel visitors browsing via their mobile devices. Knowing how important mobile bandwidth is and how troublesome some mobile connections can be, we aim to produce a light and fast version of the website that will be optimised for mobile viewing on the go.
Please stay tuned for more information. Once the website is complete, we will be uploading all the project details in our Portfolio of Case Studies.

Kind Regards
Spyros Papaspyropoulos

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