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Kivotos Mykonos case study


One of the finest boutique hotels in Mykonos deserved a premium website that reflected its award-winning status. After initial meetings to discuss the importance of Kivotos Mykonos’ online presence matching the luxury experience that the hotel offered, we were able to create a concept which tied in perfectly with the hotel’s elite reputation. Using our newest development technologies, we built a website embracing a minimalistic design aesthetic which perfectly fits the hotel’s understated air of luxury. This ethos is consistent across all parts of the site, ensuring that all information is presented clearly to users and with zero clutter, guaranteeing a fluid User Experience. To ensure this fluid experience is maintained for all users across all platforms, the website utilises the latest responsive design technology. We built the site using Wordpress CMS, a back-end which offers the site administrators a very user friendly way of maintaining the site. The Kivotos Mykonos website has been comprehensively Search Engine Optimised across several languages.


The website screens are characterised by their elegance, using full-width slide panes to showcase stunning photos which display the hotel in all its glory. This design results in a visually rich experience for users, with each new screen dominated by a new beautiful photo. Screens are fully scrollable, with users able to slide seamlessly between glorious photo panes and information sections. Below the full width photo at the top of each screen is a clear and easy to read information panel, and below that another full screen photo panel which uses a parallax effect to reveal itself as the user moves down the page. The hotel’s contact details and social media links are displayed consistently at the foot of each screen ensuring users are always only a single click away from direct contact with the hotel. A discrete navigation menu bar is always displayed at the top of each page, and follows the scrolling of the pages. This ensures it constantly remains accessible to users to allow for a very smooth and easy navigation experience across the site. The navigation menu bar also features a prominent ‘Book Online’ button, offering users the opportunity to place a booking at any time as they navigate their way through the site. This streamlines the conversion from browsing to booking, ensuring a maximum return on investment. 

Mobile Phones

The Kivotos Mykonos website has been designed to take full advantage of the new cutting edge web standard of fully responsive design. This means the site does not require a mobile specific version when accessed from portable devices. Fully responsive design technology allows for a truly harmonious cross platform and devices experience. One single source of content together with one website front end serves the needs of all users by fluidly adapting to any browser screen across any size of device. The Mobile Responsive part of the website interface is optimised for mobile phone browsing, minimum cellular data bandwidth usage and fast download speeds.

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