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Kassandra Bay Luxury Hotel case study


The most amazing Resort in Skiathos. The Kassandra Bay 5 Star Luxury Hotel offers a plethora of services and accommodation solutions that can all be found on the uniquely designed website that the x2interactive team made. Designed with the Desktop Computer, the Tablet and the Mobile devices in mind, the Kassandra Bay Luxury Hotel website is a full screen photographic user eXperience with an addition of smart functionality that makes it all that more interesting to visit. Τhe website is built using our best selling x2iManager CMS for Hotels v.2.5 and is Search Engine Optimized for all available languages. A strong Social Media presence has also been something important for the Kassandra Bay brand, that can now be found on most of the well known Social Networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.


Desktop Computer (PC, Mac, Linux)

The Kassandra Bay Luxury Hotel website’s screens are all setup in a way that promote the strong full screen photographic user eXperience, aiming to absorb the visitors into a virtual tour of what the Resort has to offer. In combination with the floating navigation and the sliding panes, the website is a joy to surf through offering at the same time all the functionality needed. When a user fist visits the website home page, it is obvious where the reservations can be made and how to view the available offers. The top navigation, provides a fast way for the user to jump to any section of the website with just one click. The retractable footer, holds reservation and offers information and can easily be slided in, in case someone would like to view more of the stunning background image. Similar functionality exists on all pages of the website.

Mobile Phones (iPhones, Android, Blackberry)

In order to serve mobile users, the Kassandra Bay Hotel provides information in a Mobile site format also. Using a minimalistic design that follows the same design guidelines as the Desktop version of the website, the mobile site is optimised for the user on the go and the relaxed user who prefers to surf the web using his/her mobile device from the comfort of a sofa. Aiming for ultra fast download speeds and spot on information delivery the Kassandra Bay Luxury Hotel mobile site offers a unique experience. The Mobile site is optimised for mobile phone browsing, minimum cellular data bandwidth usage and fast download speeds. For easier access, iOS and Android users can save the mobile site as a branded icon to their mobile phone’s home page.

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