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One of the fastest growing segments of marketing at the time is Internet Marketing. It refers to all the marketing actions that take place on the web in order to promote a service, product and / or person on line. Go to page content
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Internet Marketing

During the past years Internet Marketing has been growing so rapidly that a whole new industry has developed around it. There are many ways which an Internet Marketeer can create brand awareness, ranging from old fashioned banner campaigns to Social Media penetration.

An Internet Strategy is something that comes into the picture when you the customer need to market your product, or your service online. You could say it is advertising meets the Internet, but the philosophy is slightly different. Here at x2interactive we can promote whatever is needed online using a balanced and carefully planed strategy. The only thing we need to know is what you want to promote.

To reach our goals we believe in 3 important things:

Identify your target market

This insures that you, the client gets known in your industry. This way we help you stay focused on your industry and don’t waste time and energy on non credible targets.

Think of a strong message that sells and stick to it

We believe that focusing on one strong message helps your target market identify you through that message. Stick to it, make it yours and soon you will feel you brand awareness grow.

Stay connected, always follow up

We believe that getting involved, especially via Social Media, reminds your clients of your presence. Involvement grows awareness. In addition to Social Media, we discuss options of using banners and direct email newsletters, that have as sole goal to inform the client and bring him / her closer to what is being promoted.

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