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What makes x2interactive stand out is that as a Web Agency we don’t offer solutions that are only based on Open Source CMS platforms. Since 2004 we have been developing our own technology. This gives us the freedom and the power to create unique web presences that are completely tailor made and hand crafted. Go to page content
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Tailor Made solutions

Since 2004, the x2interactive team has managed to develop and to advance it’s very own custom made CMS (Content Management System) now in version 2.5, that can easily power any kind of project, from small, light Mobile Sites to Large Scale Content heavy Projects with a high demand in traffic.

About x2iManager CMS

The x2iManager CMS for Hotels & Businesses v2.5, is a complete, Web Content Management System, that gives the power to the Administrator or Administrators of a Web or Mobile Project, to Create, Delete, Edit, Publish, Un-Publish, Sort and Manually Re-Order any kind of content, from simple text to dynamic Flash creations. Administrators can organize all information and publish it according to their needs, or their user’s needs.

x2iManager’s Administration interface has been designed keeping in mind the ease of use an average user needs, eliminating frustration and serving as a precision tool in Content creation and manipulation. That way, the x2iManager user can edit their Web or Mobile Site content, without needing any other kind of software such us an HTML editor for editing, or an FTP program for uploading files, or even a photo croping software. Everything is handled by the CMS.

Besides the above important point and the freedom of movements it gives the Web site Administrators, it offers powerful SEO features that can be matched only by the most technologically advanced CMS solutions available. Multi-Lingual Content and most of all SEO is not widely supported, but x2iManager CMS offers cutting edge Multi-Language solutions on both a Content and SEO level. In addition to the above, It offers a stable, secure environment, focused on “ease of use” proving it to be the ideal tool for Business owners and Business Managers, especially in the Hotel & Tourism industry, that need a way to manage their sites fast and easy.

All websites based on the x2iManager CMS are Hand Crafted and Tailor Made for each and every client. All projects are uniquely designed and offer a one and only experience for each and every brand individually. No x2iManager website is the same. All websites provide an exclusive user eXperience, that aims to promote each Hotel’s & Company’s philosophy and feeling. When asking for a x2iManager CMS website, you will receive a incomparable solution, that fits your needs and your needs only.

x2iManager CMS Hotel Version

Hotels are a special type of business, that are in need of specific extra services that a normal business might possible not find useful. For that reason we have released a special version of our Content Management System that is designed for Hotel Owners & Hotels Managers. x2iManager CMS for Hotels. This version of x2iManager updates side to side with our standard version since it uses the same core and user interface. The only difference is that the Hotels version offers additional modules that support connection with the clients On Line Booking System, Special Seasonal Newsletters with Rich HTML Templates focused on Accommodation and Hotel offers, a ROI (Return On Investment) Manager, Promotional landing pages and Event landing pages.

x2iManager CMS General Features

In addition to all the above, the x2iManager CMS features a wide range of cool options that can make the Administration of your Web Project easy and enjoyable. Read below, what it can do for your Business or Hotel.
  • SiteXplorer (Category management).Create / Edit / Delete / Publish / Un-Puplish / Sort and Manually Re-Order categories & subcategories and their content with our Easy WYSIWYG editor. All categories appear in tree form with Parent & Child directories.
  • News / Article management.Create / Edit / Delete / Publish / Un-Puplish / Sort and Manually Re-Order News or Articles and schedule publication dates and removal dates. All News and Articles come with RSS support.
  • Choice of Promo.Create / Edit / Delete / Publish / Un-Puplish / Sort and Manually Re-Order Promotional Spaces on your web site’s home page or any other supported page.
    Example: You need to promote a new product but the news section isn’t enough? Use this tool to bring an image title and a photo with some text of a product to the home page, thus promoting it faster.
  • x2iManager CMS user groups Management.Manage the groups of users available on your x2iManager CMS. Define the roles of Administrators, News Publishers, Editors and more. If you want to create new users, this is also possible.
  • x2iManager CMS user management.Manage the x2iManager CMS users. Categorize them according to their level of access and give them permissions and / or restrictions. Assign to them Single or Multiple Language priveledges.
  • Large Level of category depth.Create as many categories and subcategories as needed. Example: Home > Category > Subcategory.
  • Multimedia Gallery Management.Add / Subtract pictures, flash animations, video files, sound files(MP3) and more. Hold up to as many multimedia files as your web site’s hosting capacity allows you too.
  • Site Info.Change general site information. Such as the web site Title, web site Description, Keywords etc.
  • SEO oriented generated code
    All code generated by x2iManager CMS is fully SEO optimised and compatible with all of today’s search engines’ algorithms and rules.
  • SEO Manipulation
    Complete website and individual web page SEO manipulation via Meta info (Titles, Robots, Descriptions, Keywords and more) editing.
  • Permalinks
    Auto URL re-writing for Permalink support to help improve SEO and for easier off line promotion of pages.
  • Attribute editing
    • Image ALT Tag editing.
    • Automatic link Title Attributes.
  • Dynamic Title TAGS
    X2iManager CMS, is build in such a way that it will automatically generate Dynamic <TITLE> Tags for each page within the Web Site. These titles can be edited at any time.
  • Dynamic XML sitemap generation.
    The website generates XML sitemap for immediate Search Engine notification.
  • Automatic linking to your Google Analytics account
    With one click go to your advanced Google Analytics account and browse through your statistics to see who and from where has visited your website.

Extra Features in x2iManager CMS for Hotels

  • On Line Booking Connectivity
    Connect your website directly with any supported On Line Booking System and integrate the actions needed to reserve a room into one enjoy-full experience for your users.
  • Rich Seasonal Email Marketing Newsletters
    Collect a database of users and send them Rich Seasonal Personalised Newsletters to promote Special Offers and Deals they will find irresistible. Create separate Mailing Lists for existing customers and new customers or more. It is up to you.
  • ROI Manager
    A powerful tool that can provide you with useful information regarding your Return On Investment.
  • Promotional and Event Landing pages
    Add links to special Promotional or Event Landing pages when sending Rich Email Marketing Newsletters or advertising via PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, in order to make the sale you need.


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