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Galaxy Suites case study


An elegant hotel built into the natural caves of the Santorini rock, Galaxy Suites, offers luxurious services to its customers. The suites are ideal for honeymoons, anniversaries, romantic escapes and any kind of special occasion. The website has originally been designed for the Desktop and is 100% compatible with all modern web browsers, even IE7 and works perfectly on all Desktop operating systems (Windows, Macs and Linux Distros). Even though there is no Mobile or Tablet version available for the website of this Luxury Hotel in Santorini, it is perfectly usable in any Mobile browser by using the pinch and zoom multi-touch options. The website is built using our best selling x2iManager CMS for Hotels v.2 and is Search Engine Optimized in all available languages. It is optimised for fast downloads and snappy responses.


Desktop Computer (PC, Mac, Linux)

Using black as a background makes all photographs stand out and deliver a satisfying user eXperience to the online visitor. Each photo has been handpicked by the x2interactive creative director and strategically placed for maximum impact on the users. Using colour coding in the main navigation drop down menu our design team has managed to successfully create a colourful distinction between content pages and accommodation pages. This also gives a subconscious feeling to online visitors that the accommodation section is more important and should be more closely examined. The Check Availability button is on all pages, thus maximizing the chances of a user clicking on it and making a reservation. In addition to the above features, the website offers a rich Photo Gallery and lots of useful information about the island of Santorini. To better inform visitors and possible new clients of Galaxy Suite’s Social Presence on the web, an array of Social Icons is displayed in the bottom right hand side of the website footer.

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