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We have a large experience in Flash design, animation and development. Even though flash is considered a dying technology, we believe that there are still things that can only be achieved using it. Go to page content
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Flash Design & Development

Here at x2interactive, we specialize in the creation of flash elements that we embed in the HTML pages and also the creation of full flash based sites. Even though it is being used less and less lately due to other rising technologies such HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery,  we believe that if used correctly, flash can make a web site appear more “alive” and more interesting.

Creating a full flash website is still a request by some of our clients. Mobile and tablet applications, touch screen experiences and more, request a rich Multimedia Environment such as Adobe’s Flash in order to provide the best and most unique experience to their users. Let’s not forget also, that the major format for on line banners is still Flash, no doubt about it. For that reason we stay up to date with the latest Flash Technology News and experiment with all the new options that are available to the Flash Development Community.

Having a team that knows how to use this technology has always been a powerful tool that can find many implementations.

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