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Europeo Cars case study


Europeo Cars have been supplying hire cars on the beautiful island of Crete for over 25 years, and take great pride in providing a top quality experience to their customers by dealing with them directly and offering them the best possible prices. x2interactive actually designed the previous Europeo Cars website back in 2008, so we already had experience working with the Europeo team, and we knew exactly what their requirements for the new website would be. They needed a well-designed, easy-to-use website with minimal clutter, which offered users a very fluid User Experience allowing them to easily search for and pick the right hire car they wanted with minimum fuss and bother. We used the most modern web development techniques and technologies available to make all site pages fully responsive, guaranteeing this fluid user experience across all platforms and devices. The new Europeo site is built with the Wordpress CMS, a very easy to use backend with a logical layout and neat visual editors, making the administrator's’ job of maintaining the site all the more easier. The Europeo cars site will also be comprehensively Search Engine Optimised across several languages.


The design for the Europeo Site is built around two basic elements to provide both attractive layout and easy navigation. The floating menu bar across the top of every page of the site is the user’s default source for navigating and browsing, and mirrors the logical and well-thought-out site map we implemented for this site. With the menu bar floating at the top of each page it remains easily accessible no matter where the user is on the site. The hues in the menu bar were specifically selected to compliment Europeo’s brand identity core colours. Neutral black and grey are used for menu titles, with accents picked out in yellow. Permanently attached to the right of the menu bar is a ‘Rent Your Car’ button with a direct link to the site’s reservation page. This button changes colour on a mouse hover over, encouraging users to click it at any time with the aim of totally streamlining the browsing to booking process.

The second core design element of the new website are the full-page-width slides, which showcase the site content in all its feature-rich glory. Each new page the user visits features a full-width photo slide at the top, showing the modern car rentals offered by Europeo, providing an immersive and aesthetically pleasing browsing experience. These photo slides also feature promos which ‘slide’ the user down the page to the content. Alternatively, the user can scroll down the page to reach the page’s content slide, which feature either description text or information about the hire cars offered by Europeo. The lower part of each page is given over to another slide with promos for special offers and other sections of the site. At the very bottom of each page the website footer provides all the contact details for Europeo, including all their social media channels, as well as another link to the car hire booking form.

Mobile Phones

The website for Europeo Cars does not require a mobile specific version when accessed from a mobile device. Instead, the website has responsive design built into its foundation, creating a truly harmonious cross platform experience. A single source of content and one website front end provides the same great browsing experience for all users, regardless of the device they are using to access the site. The Europeo Cars website is able to modify itself perfectly and rearrange content according to the exact width of the browser window of the mobile or desktop device used. Smaller width mobile sized screen responsive pages are also optimised for mobile cellular data browsing, minimising bandwidth usage and speeding up downloads.

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