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Email Marketing and especially targeted, personalised email Marketing, is one of the best ways to convey messages, offers and announcements to a large audience. We specialize in targeted Newsletter designs that will help you achieve that extra market penetration. Go to page content
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Email Marketing

The best way to get the attention of a possible client/user is to address him/her directly. At x2interactive we can create a direct path from you to your clients, using our latest newsletter technology which is embedded in our custom CMS, x2iManager.

Newsletters are emails that can be either promotional, or informational, or entertaining. Many people that are interested in various topics subscribe to newsletters from all over the e-world. Then they receive emails that are designed based on the company’s brand that sends it. Client/Users then get a personalized targeted message that invites them to visit a certain web space that holds more information, or sells a service or a product. Those pages are called Landing Pages and they host the promoters Calls To Action. Actually, newsletters work similarly to old fashioned direct mail advertising with the difference that the medium is different. Instead of using the post we use the Internet to achieve awareness or promote goods and services.

Newsletter design

The success of a newsletter is not based on the information it conveys solemnly, but also on its design. Creating an attractive Email Newsletter to send to the targeted audience, has better impact than a simple text based solution always. People prefer receiving and reading nicely designed newsletters presenting their information in a crystal clear manner. It is important to design then in such a way that it will make it easier for the users to read. Email Newsletters can be used to promote Messages Services, Products and more. At x2interactive, we try to keep design as focused as possible in order to keep downloading speeds to a minimum. A “heavy” newsletter usually looses the attention of its readers fast.

x2 iNewsletter

Besides embedding the Newsletter solution in our CMS, we can also provide a standalone mailing list product called x2 iNewsletter. x2 iNewsletter gives the power to the administrator to create as many mailing lists as possible and to manage them separately.

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