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Economou Hotels case study


Even though the main corporate website of Economou Hotels is only compatible with Desktop Computers and Tablets, the actual hotel websites are compatible with Desktop Computers, Tablets and Mobile Devices. The Economou Hotels Group has 2 hotels in Crete. The Galaxy Hotel is in Heraklio city and is the most impressive and most luxurious hotel the capital of Crete has to offer and the Galaxy Villas Resort is in Koutouloufari in Hersonissos. The Economou Hotels website offers general information about the Group and the hotels, and is mostly targeted towards Business users and people that are interested in learning more about the group’s activities and news. On the other hand each Hotel website is dedicated to the potential Hotel visitor and offers rich textual and photographic information to online visitors. All 3 websites, are based on our best selling x2iManager CMS for Hotels v.2 and have the x2 SEO Module installed for maximum Search Engine Optimisation.


Desktop Computer (PC, Mac, Linux)

In order to help the users better understand that all websites are linked as a business group, we kept an identical look and feel between the Economou Hotels websites, using the same design - layout for all three sites, changing only the photographs and the colours of key points, thus providing a colour and photo coding understanding for the users. In order to guide users to specific areas of each website, we used strong promos on the home page with small text descriptions that appear on mouse over. This way, the Hotel Management can easily promote areas of the websites they choose in an easy to understand manner. All photographs for the websites have been shot just before they launched and have been retouched by the photographer (Christos Drazos), providing the users with a realistic view of the hotel.

Mobile Phones (iPhones, Android, Blackberry)

The Mobile Web is a fast and easy way to access information while on the move. This is especially handy for travellers seeking information when arriving at a destination. The Galaxy Villas and Galaxy Hotel mobile sites, are designed for speed and skimming (reading through the main points of the content of a web page while skipping most of the text). They use big photographic focal points as promos to guide online visitors to the desired information, making the user eXperience easy and pleasant. All content is optimised and brought down to a minimal, in order to save cellular data bandwidth. Each mobile solution is based on the full version website’s colours and look & feel, making it consistent for users that can experience the Desktop and Mobile versions. For easier access, iOS and Android users can save the mobile sites as branded icons to their mobile phone’s home page.

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