Dolphin Bay Family Resort

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Dolphin Bay Family Resort case study


The Dolphin Bay Family Resort website is a full screen experience. All information is conveyed through the majestic images of the 4 Star Family Resort which is located in Syros and the collapsible content areas which popup by default. Those collapsible content areas can be closed by the click of the mouse if a users wishes to view the background image in full-screen, and can be re-opened just as easily. This website is designed for the Desktop Computer and Tablet devices. Even though it does not have a Mobile Site and is not Responsive, it still works perfectly on all modern mobile phone browsers that use the pinch and zoom multi touch gesture. The Dolphin Bay Family Resort website is built using our best selling x2iManager CMS for Hotels v.2.5.


Desktop Computer (PC, Mac, Linux)

A full-screen photographic experience always catches the attention of the online visitor. One photograph speaks a thousand words, and based on this philosophy and with the help of the latest technologies available to the x2interactive development team, a unique user eXperience has been designed for the Doplhin Bay Family Hotel’s website from the ground up. A new logo designed by our graphic designer, new colours and a fresh look, have made the new website stand out and look great, especially on larger screens. Using hues of cyan, blue and the colour white, in the menus, the slogans and the content areas, the design team has given wide depth to the website and a Greek island summer feeling that is unique in the Cyclades islands.

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