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Cosyspeed case study


COSYSPEED are the inventors and manufacturers of a pioneering range of modular camera bags designed especially for users of mirrorless cameras. COSYSPEED’s CAMSLINGER camera bags allow users to comfortably and securely wear their cameras across their hips, with super fast one-handed access so they can draw their cameras in a flash. COSYSPEED also produce a range of modular LENSBAG and STUFFBAG accessories which can be added to the CAMSLINGER system, and have just launched a new camera bag called the STREETOMATIC. With these great and innovative products on offer, we created a clean and modern website for COSYSPEED that put their product line at the front and centre of the website design and showcased all the benefits of COSYSPEED’s innovations to the user. The site naturally featured responsive design, in order to guarantee the best possible browsing experience across all devices. Content management for COSYSPEED’s website is handled by Wordpress, which provides an incredibly useful and user-friendly backend for site administration. Wordpress is also regularly updated with new builds and patches, so loading content onto the site via the CMS remains an easy experience as technology and standards continue to advance.


The screens for the COSYSPEED website show exactly how we were able to take COSYSPEED’s well-developed brand identity and use it as the foundation for a fantastic modern website. As the homepage loads the user is greeted momentarily by an animated loading wheel which is actually a camera lens aperture blade graphic from the centre of the COSYSPEED logo. When the homepage appears the user is presented by a series of full browser width slide images with animated promo headings featuring the Camslinger products’ USPs (Unique Selling Points). This ensures feature rich and immersive browsing. This experience continues as the user scrolls down the page, where they come to a grid of animated promos for COSYSPEED’s products. These promos are programmed to respond to the user’s actions, so the image pulses and zooms slightly with a mouse hover, encouraging clicks. Further down the page is a parallax effect slide that comes into view as the user scrolls, and begins to disappear from view as the page content moves above it. Below this are testimonials and links to rave reviews of the COSYSPEED system by professional photographers. At the bottom of the homepage there are embedded YouTube product videos.

These themes continue throughout the site, with full width image slides at the top of each page, and multiple large scale images used throughout the pages  to really immerse users in the experience, content and products. Product pages also feature animated image promos for different product variations and accessories. Embedded videos also feature as full-width slides on the individual product pages, providing a feature-rich multimedia experience for users throughout the website.

The website menu bar and footer are present on every page of the site and provide easy access to the well-laid out site map, allowing logical and practical navigation throughout the site. The menu bar ‘hangs’ from the top of the browser page even when the user scrolls down the webpage - this means wherever they navigate to within the site they can still access the full site menu at any time, guaranteeing a smooth browsing experience. The menu bar itself is picked out in a green hue, to tie in with COSYSPEED’s corporate colour scheme. It is also transparent, so page content is visible beneath the menu as the user scrolls. This creates a modern, crisp, three-dimensional effect like panes of glass passing over one another. The footer menu features links to all of COSYSPEED’s social media channels - these buttons feature animations, changing hue as the user mouses over them, to provide interactivity and encourage engagement.

Mobile Phones

COSYSPEED’s new website uses the new web standard of fully responsive design to deliver a great experience to users browsing using devices with smaller screens. Responsive design is revolutionary in that it eliminates the complexity and cost of creating and maintaining a mobile specific version of the website. Instead, building a website with responsive design allows the site to be truly fluid, as all page content rearranges itself seamlessly and automatically depending on the width of the device browser screen. This allows one single website front end and source of content to deliver a true high quality cross platform browsing experience. Smaller mobile phone sized pages of the site interface are also optimised for mobile phone browsing, ensuring they use the minimum bandwidth of cellular data and also load quickly. 

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