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One of the most important parts of a successful SEO strategy is the content of the website. Our team of experts, provide the best advice to clients that want to achieve the best possible SEO placements using rich, high quality content, be it in text, image or multimedia format. Go to page content
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Content Management

Since the early years of the Web, the most important element of it has been it’s content. Good, quality content is hard to find, because it doesn’t only help the users learn new things and understand what is presented on the web for them, it is also the purest and most powerful weapon in the SEO arsenal.

Here at x2interactive we invest heavily in all areas of Content Management. Everything is important, from the examination and organisation of existing content, to the creation of new, fresh content and finding ways to make that content go viral. We do not leave anything to chance, especially not in the competitive world of today. Good, High quality content in combination with it’s design and functionality is what makes your Web Site look and feel professional. It is what makes the difference between you and your competitors.

Examination of existing Content

During the development phase of the projects we build, our Content Managers examine possible existing content and determine it’s value from an SEO point of view and a Quality of Content point of view. If the content is considered worthy, it is saved and freshened up, before handed over to the Data Entry people to add it to the new website. This same content will later be skimmed through by the SEO experts and possible changed might occur.

Creation of new, fresh Content

If the content that is examined is considered not suitable for use in the new Web and  / or Mobile Project, or there simply isn’t any content available, then our Content Managers take the appropriate measures and start creating new, fresh content that will help improve the quality of the project.

Organisation of Content

In order to speed up the process and to help the Data Entry team do their work fast and easy and mistake free, it is important to organise the content, existing and new in such a way that will streamline the process.

Making Content go viral

Once the Web or Mobile site is up and running and the content has been examined, refreshed, and entered into the pages, it is time to SEO them and then try and make that content go viral. That means that through Social Media chanels, we try to spread the word about the important content of our clients web site(s). If it is liked, then is is shared and a viral like effect is created. As mentioned before, nothing is left to chance.

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