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Boheme Mykonos case study


Before Boheme Mykonos assigned the project to us, they wanted to know if we could deliver something new and fresh. During our initial meeting the design team had already come up with the idea that would define the face of the Boheme Mykonos Hotel online. Using new technologies we managed to design a minimal website that comes alive upon the first visit of the user with the use of video backgrounds, slideshows, message and more that are presented though as elegantly as possible. There is no cluttering of information and now difficulties in the User Experiences. Τhe website is built using our best selling x2iManager CMS for Hotels v.2.5 and is Search Engine Optimized for all available languages. A strong Social Media presence has also been something important for the Boheme Mykonos brand, that can now be found on most of the well known Social Networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.


All the website screens of the Boheme Mykonos Hotel have been designed with one thing in mind. To show as much of the hotel photography and videography by Christos Drazos as possible. That way visitors have the opportunity to experience a visually rich visit to the Boheme Mykonos website. All screens are scrollable, with the main information in the first horizontals and even more information and details in the rest of them, below. The Navigation on the top left side of the website, opens and closes upon user request so it is unobtrusive yet obvious to the website visitors and it follows the scrolling of the screens. That way, it is available at any given time and the user can simply navigate from page to page with ease and speed.

Mobile Phones (iPhones, Android, Blackberry)

The Boheme Mykonos Hotel does not have a mobile specific version of the website with separate content. Also it is not made with an adaptive design either, meaning there is no different front end for the same content. The Boheme Mykonos Hotel website is made with Responsive technology that works across all devices and platforms and is basically made of one front end and one source of content that simply adjusts to each users screen and device. The Mobile Responsive part of the website interface is optimised for mobile phone browsing, minimum cellular data bandwidth usage and fast download speeds. For easier access, iOS and Android users can save the mobile site as a branded icon to their mobile phone’s home page.

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