Announcing the New San Marco Mykonos Website!

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Updating you about our latest news and progress on our blog has had to take a bit of a backseat of late as we’ve just had so many different projects on the go! Now we’ve managed to steal a few moments for some housekeeping, we’d like to update you about a project we first mentioned way back in October 2015 – we’re talking of course about the brand new San Marco Luxury Hotel & Villas website! After our blog post in October announcing that San Marco had chosen x2interactive once more to create their new website, we got straight to the task of designing and developing it. We actually launched the new site early this year, but it’s taken us up until now to finally tell you all about it. So, without further ado, let us talk you through the brand new website for San Marco Luxury Hotel & Villas in Houlakia Bay, Mykonos!

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New Custom Website for San Antonio Santorini is Unveiled!

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It’s been some time since we’ve had the time to share some of our news with you, because things have been very busy and exciting at x2interactive. With spring now upon us and summer just around the corner, our team has been hard at work designing, developing and launching a host of brand new websites for our ever-growing collection of hotel and luxury and boutique hotel clients. But today we wanted to take a few minutes out of our very busy schedule to announce just one of our new website launches, because it’s a project that has got a lot of people talking, and we’d like to share it with you too – it’s the unveiling of the brand new San Antonio Hotel custom website! Located in the pretty village of Imerovigli on the stunningly beautiful Greek holiday island of Santorini, San Antonio is a 5 star boutique hotel, member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of the World group, and 2016 Nominee for Greece’s Leading Boutique Hotel.

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The New Oscar Suites & Village Website has launched!

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In our last blog post, we had the pleasure of announcing that we’d launched a brand new website for a returning client, and today we are again in the privileged position of revealing another brand new website for one of our existing clients, Oscar Suites & Village. Located in Agia Marina near Chania on the popular Greek holiday island of Crete, Oscar Suites & Village is a forward thinking hotel complex of studios & apartments that has been fully renovated to be as eco-friendly and energy efficient as possible.

Oscar Suites & Village UX

The foundation of our work at x2interactive is delivering a great user experience. The essential part of any good user experience design is understanding the client, and their target market. A great website needs to have a user experience that is tailored to match the client and their brand. We’ve already mentioned that Oscar Suites & Village is a forward thinking hotel – they have embraced the web & social media from the early days, and they understand the importance of blogging as part of an online marketing strategy. So the user experience for the brand new Oscar Suites & Village site needed to embrace this forward thinking approach to the web, and work beautifully for potential customers.

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Dolphin Bay’s new website is online!

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It’s the start of a new year and we’re very excited for what this year has in store for x2interactive! For our first blog post of 2016 we have the pleasure of announcing that we have just launched a brand new website for the Dolphin Bay Family Beach Resort in Syros! This fantastic resort is the perfect holiday destination for families, with a variety of great value offers tailor-made for family groups, as well as a range of facilities & services especially designed for children. Dolphin Bay is one of x2interactive’s existing hotel clients, so it was a real honour that they chose us a second time to refresh and redesign their website. It is not the first time a past client has chosen to work with us again, but we are always delighted to be re-selected, as it is a sign to us that we enjoy a great working relationship with our clients and that they know they can rely on us to deliver a great looking and fantastically performing website.

Dolphin Bay UX

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The New Website for AL.K Consulting Launches!

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One of our key skills as an award-winning web agency is our flexibility. Our speciality is as a Hotel Web Agency but in addition to our ever-growing portfolio of hotel and luxury and boutique hotel clients, we serve a select group of corporate customers too. So it’s with great pleasure that we announce today the launch of a brand new website for our newest corporate client, AL.K Consulting! We pride ourselves in being able to analyse all of our clients in great depth, and deliver tailor made solutions for web designs that perfectly address their needs. In this approach, we found ourselves ideally matched with AL.K Consulting. As a modern, dynamic and truly international recruitment company, AL.K are expertly placed to assist individuals in advancing their careers abroad, as well as selecting the perfectly skilled international candidates to meet the recruitment criteria for their clients. However, unlike other recruitment consultancies, AL.K go a step further too – they deliver a bespoke personalised advisory and consultation service to truly address the personal needs of each and every one of their candidates and clients. They identify that every candidate is an individual, with their own specific career goals and dreams, and that every client and business recruiting has different requirements and corporate philosophies. This really sets AL.K Consulting apart from their competitors.

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Brand New Hotel 28 Website is unveiled!

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The last few months have been a very busy time for x2interactive. Our team have been hard at work designing and developing lots of fantastic new websites for our clients. One of those clients is Hotel 28, a small and uniquely stylish hotel on the outskirts of Kamari, Santorini, with a fantastic secluded location making it the ideal getaway location for those seeking total tranquility and peace. We announced the start of our new collaboration with Hotel 28 in the middle of October, and we’re delighted to reveal the brand new Hotel 28 website to you all today!

Hotel 28 UX

Great user experience is crucial. If a user can’t navigate their way around a website, or if the menus are confusing, poorly laid out, and located, then the user is going to become frustrated. This will result a bad user experience. If the user finds using a website an annoying experience, then it will in turn alter their opinion of the company or business associated with the website, tarnishing that company’s reputation in the eyes of the user. No company or business wants be associated with something like that. A bad user experience can even lose sales or bookings, if the user finds a website frustrating, and isn’t able to to easily book or contact when they want to. By contrast, a fantastic user experience can increase sales or bookings. If a user (and potential customer) is impressed – or better yet wowed – by a website then they are going to transfer these feelings toward the brand. A great User Interface generates a fantastic positive opinion of the brand. As the website is the user’s first point of direct contact with the brand or business, delivering a superb User Interface is essential. With our team’s extensive design background training, and our immense combined experience with all aspects of the web, x2interactive is perfectly set up to deliver great user experiences with all our projects.

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New Bellonias Villas Website is Online!

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During our flurry of announcements of new projects in October, we revealed that Bellonias Villas had chosen x2interactive to design their brand new website. This 27 suite hotel has an awesome location right by the incredible volcanic black sand beach at Kamari on the beautiful island of Santorini, so we were pretty excited about this project! We’ve been hard at work over the last few months, and we’re delighted to bring you the good news today that the new Bellonias Villas website has launched!

Bellonias Villas UX

Excellent User Experience is the fundamental principle of all good design. It is at the forefront of everything we do. With Bellonias Villas, we wanted to create a User Experience that married great functionality and easy navigation with excitement, escapism and romanticism. Our designers put themselves in the minds of users and customers searching for their dream beach villa holiday in Santorini. These users needed to get a great feel for Bellonias, but they also needed to be able to navigate through the site with ease, and find all the information they needed to make their accommodation choice without getting frustrated or confused. To fully reach our User Experience goals for the Bellonias Villas site, we need to guarantee the same great experience for every single user regardless of the device they use to access it with. We achieved this by using responsive design technology. The website front end is able to rearrange and scale content automatically without the unnecessary complexity of a mobile specific site. As a result, the Bellonias Villas site delivers a unified great user experience across all devices – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, and because it is now ‘mobile friendly’ the site is better SEO optimised too!

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New ASIT Website Launches!

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You may remember back at the beginning of October we announced a flurry of new clients signing with x2interactive, as several companies decided to choose us to design and develop new websites for them, owing to our extensive experience as a hotel web agency. We’ve been hard at work over the last month to deliver the finished product to these clients, and we’re delighted to announce today that we have a new website to show the world, as we have launched the brand new web presence of Greek travel company ASIT!


Our team of web specialists has extensive experience in delivering great websites to suit the needs of our range of hotel and luxury and boutique hotel clients which has given them a great knowledge of the travel and tourism industry in Greece. They were able to harness this experience and expertise, and apply it towards creating a user experience that truly suited the needs of customers searching for organised travel ideas and itinerary, as well as ground handling and DMC services in Greece. With a different brief than usual, and the need to create a site that appealed to both corporate and leisure clients, as well as those in emerging markets in order to promote Greece in general as a travel destination, our user experience team had to really think creatively and flexibly.

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Penguin 4.0 update! Get your Backlink Report NOW!

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The photo used in this post if by Christopher Michel. View it on his flickr page.


According to Search Engine Land, the big Penguin 4.0 update that Google promised a short while back has been confirmed and is due to be rolled out very soon.

By the end of 2015 the new Penguin update will be active and it will have an effect on every single website on the web.

What is Penguin 4.0?

Penguin 4.0 is the newest update to Google’s search engine algorithm. The biggest change that is arriving with Penguin 4.0 is that Google will now be focusing on the quality of backlinks going to your site. Backlinks are links from other websites that point to your website. An example might be a travel blog website, which writes an article about a hotel and adds a hyperlink to it.

What’s a ‘Bad Quality’ Backlink?

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x2interactive starts new collaboration with Elounda Palm

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x2interactive will design a new website for Elounda Palm

Excellent news! Today we have the pleasure of announcing that we’ve been specially chosen by the Elounda Palm Hotel to develop and design their brand new website! Elounda Palm joins ASIT, Bellonias Villas, Hotel 28 and Small Islands as the most recent additions to our broad portfolio of hotel and luxury and boutique hotel clients.

Located in the pretty seaside resort of Elounda on the eastern coast of Greece’s largest island Crete, the Elounda Palm is a boutique hotel offering guests a truly relaxing holiday experience. Accommodation choices include rooms, bungalows, and shared swimming pool junior suites as well as a villa with a private pool. The Elounda Palm also boasts a range of exclusive high quality facilities, including PleinAir Gold certified fitness coaching, a sea water swimming pool and a dedicated children’s pool, a pool bar, cafe and breakfast restaurant. With all this to offer, the Elounda Palm is the perfect holiday choice for couples and small families, and is just short walk from the beautiful organised beaches of Elounda on the Mirabello Gulf, as well as the myriad attractions of the resort of Elounda itself with its bars, restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

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San Marco Mykonos appoints x2interactive again

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x2interactive chosen a second time by San Marco Mykonos

It’s a source of great pride for us when a client we’ve designed a website for in the past returns to ask and asks us to build them a new website. Happily for us, it’s something that’s happened once or twice before! Being chosen again by a client is the best possible endorsement of our skills and work, as it demonstrates to us that the client knows we can be relied upon to deliver when it matters, work effectively with and for their team, and most importantly, create a fantastic website design. So it’s with great pleasure that we announce today that we are to continue our collaboration with the San Marco Hotel in Mykonos by designing, developing and launching a brand new website for them.

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