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Designing little boxes with messages

Being able to convey a message to millions of viewers through a little boxed space on a web page is an art form and here at x2interactive we strive to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for banner design. Go to page content
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Banner Design

Banners are the most common method of online advertising. The art of banner design is rare, because the designer that is involved in each project must have the ability to comprehend still and motion images, download speeds, banner sizes and most of all, he must have the ability to grasp the concept that will make it special, eye-catching.

We specialize in the design of banners, using the latest technology available. Our goal is to create smart, animated and interactive banners that grasp the users attention and drive him/her to the product or service web site that is being advertised.

Animation Technologies

Banners can come in many sizes and can be designed using different technologies. The simplest type of banner is one that is a still image. Still image banners don’t have any kind of interactivity besides the click that takes the user to the banner’s target. GIF animation banners use the Animated GIF technology in order to achieve animated effects. These banners lack any interactivity just as the still image banners but have the ability to project moving images. Messages are promoted better and more clearly. An Animated GIF banner can have many “screens” but the animation produced isn’t of high quality and the “weight” of it can easily surpass the requested KB. The favoured technology used to create animated banners with stunning effects and motion is Adobe Flash. Flash utilizes motion in such a manner that our banner designers can achieve outstanding and clever results without going over the requested KB barrier.

Interactive Rich Media Banners

With the use of Flash and ActionScript, the user can interact with the banner in a more intimate way. For example a user can specialize his/her search of a product or service from within the banner area. Let us assume the user sees a banner of a movie theatre that features 3 screens, he/she can choose to go to the page that books online the film that he/she requests, from within the banner. This gives the user the ease to make his/her choice faster and easier without having to go through many HTML pages that take time to load and without getting confused.  Reading the above example it is obvious that a x2interactive client in need of an interactive banner can advertise multiple products or services using one banner that can direct the user accordingly to his/her interests.

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