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Amarantos case study


Nikos Amarantos has been a client of x2interactive Web Agence since 2008. That is when the 1st web site we had developed for them was launched successfully and marked them as the No1 Brand in their field, this time on the Internet. The time for change came and Nikos Amarantos asked for a redesign that would mark a new on line era for them. The New Nikos Amarantos website is a project that is based mainly on the integration of the Web Site with the Brand’s very strong Social Media Presence. With a new, fresh, modern, hip design, the Amarantos website aims to attract young people interested in Hair Dressing, Aesthetics and more. Being Designed and Developed with Responsive HTML Authoring technology, it can be viewed and experienced flawlessly on any device, ranging from a feature phone to a TV Set, spreading the on line presence of our client even more.


Desktop Computer (PC, Mac, Linux)

Hair styling, makeup and aesthetics in general are an Art on their own. For this reason it was decided that we should approach the project in a creative way, bringing out the artistic feeling of the Nikos Amarantos Hair Education and Beauty School. The web design concept was decided to be based on the Amarantos strong brand and the strongly requested Social Media integration guidelines. Following the new image of the college, we achieved to convey a feeling of a new, fresh, revolutionary, CONNECTED, Amarantos. Since the launch of the 1st web site at the beginning of March 2008, www.amarantos.gr dominates the Greek SEO rankings for all the keywords their interested in as a business.

Mobile Phones (iPhones, Android, Blackberry)

Everyone is on the move and people access the Mobile Web more and more, even if it doesn’t feel that way some times. Being designed with Responsive Web Design, the new website of the Nikos Amarantos Educational Group is accessible from anywhere, anytime, serving it’s users with a unique “elastic” experience. For easier access, iOS and Android users can save the mobile site as a branded icon to their mobile phone’s home page.

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