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Amalia Hotels case study


One of the oldest and most respectable chain of hotels in Greece, the Amalia Hotels needed an online presence that would take them to the next level from a UX point of view and from an SEO stand point. For this reason, we suggested to Amalia Hotels to create separate websites for each hotel and to unite the experience for their users under one central domain. This central domain would act as a launching point for the website users to find the hotel they like in the destination of their choice in a fast and easy manner. On the other hand, if a user landed on a Hotel website, by following correct link focal points, he/she could visit the central page and “Travel” to another destination. The website is suitable for viewing on a Tablet device such as an iPad without issues and of course on all desktop devices without cross-browser compatibility issues. If you would like to visit the chain’s hotels directly, please click on the Amalia Hotel Athens, Amalia Hotel Nafplio, Amalia Hotel Delphi, Amalia Hotel Kalambaka, Amalia Hotel Olympia and the Margarona Royal Hotel links to do so.


Desktop Computer (PC, Mac, Linux)

In order to make the photos pop out, our design team decided to follow two “photo pop out” methods at the same time and the result turned out to be very good. As you will notice in the designs, we used a solid black background to make any element on the page stand out and to make the photos really “show their colours” we used HDR filtering on the photographic material. The result of these actions is that the Amalia Hotels websites look stunningly vibrant and rich. Also, using the same technique throughout all the Amalia Hotel websites, created a type of “branding” for our client. The black background helps keep website page sizes low adding to speed and thus to the users experience while navigating through the pages of the hotels websites.

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